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  • 27/02/2015



    The Education (Penalty Notices) (Wales) Regulations 2013 introduced Fixed Penalty Notices for regular non-attendance at school. 


    The Welsh Government has required all local authorities to draw up and implement their own Local Codes of Conduct to ensure consistency in the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices. The code will be implemented in Powys from 27th February 2015.


    The Welsh Government states that Fixed Penalty Notices are one option among a number of different interventions available to promote better school attendance. The introduction of these regulations is one part of the Welsh Government strategy to support improved school attendance across Wales.


    The introduction of these regulations mean that parents may now be financially penalised for their child(ren)’s regular non-attendance at school.


    The local code of conduct, which explains how penalty notices will operate, is available on the Powys County Council website






  • 23/02/2015


    Mae Rheoliadau Addysg (Hysbysiadau Cosb) (Cymru) 2013 wedi cyflwyno hysbysiadau cosb benodedig am fethu bod yn bresennol yn gyson yn yr ysgol.

    Mae Llywodraethu Cymru’n mynnu bod awdurdodau lleol yn llunio ac yn defnyddio’u Codau Ymddygiad Lleol eu hunain er mwyn bod yn gyson wrth gyflwyno hysbysiadau cosb.  Bydd y cod yn dod i rym ym Mhowys o 27 Chwefror 2015.

    Yn ôl Llywodraeth Cymru, un opsiwn yw  hysbysiadau cosb o blith nifer o wahanol opsiynau  i wella lefelau presenoldeb mewn ysgolion.  Un rhan o strategaeth Llywodraeth Cymru yw’r rheoliadau hyn i wella lefelau presenoldeb mewn ysgolion ar draws Cymru.

    Gyda’r rheoliadau hyn, mae’n bosibl y bydd rhieni’n cael dirwy os yw eu plant yn methu’r ysgol yn gyson.

    Mae’r cod ymddygiad lleol, sy’n esbonio sut bydd yr hysbysiadau cosb yn gweithio, i’w weld ar wefan Cyngor Sir Powys. 





  • 22/01/2015
    Urgent - Swimming transport contributions

     Cyfraniad at gludiant gwersi nofio.


    Hoffem ddiolch i’r holl rieni sydd eisioes wedi cyfrannu tuag at gostau teithio’r gwersi nofio y flwyddyn hon. Hyd yn hyn yr ydym wedi derbyn cyfanswm o £915, ond yn anffodus mae hyn yn llai na’r arian a dderbynom y llynedd tuag at yr achos. Bydd costau’r flwyddyn gyfan yn costio £1600, sy’n golygu bydd angen i’r ysgol dalu’r gweddill.


    Os nad ydych eisioes wedi cyfrannu tuag at gostau cludiant nofio’r flwyddyn academaidd hon h.y ers mis Medi 2014 yna byddem yn ddiolchgar iawn pe baech yn gallu rhoi cyfraniad tuag at yr achos. Os bydd costau’r cludiant yn parhau i fynd allan o reolaeth, yna bydd angen i’r ysgol adolygu’r sefyllfa.


    Gofynnwn yn garedig i chwi am gyfraniad o £15.00 am y flwyddyn academaidd os gwelwch yn dda.

     We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parents who have contributed this academic year towards swimming transport costs.  So far we have received a total of £915, unfortunately this is below the amount collated last year.  The overall costs for the year will amount to approximately £1,600  which will mean that the school will have to find a way to cover this shortfall.

     If you have not contributed this academic year i.e. since September 2014 then we would be very grateful if you are able to do so.  If the costs for swimming transport do become unmanageable then the school will have to review this.

    A contribution of £15.00 per child is requested for this academic year.

     Many thanks,

  • 07/10/2014
    Statutory tests/ Profion statudol

    The 2015 statutory tests will take place between:

    • 29th April and Tuesday 12th May for Secondary Schools
    • 6th May and Tuesday 12th May for Primary Schools

    The 2016 statutory tests will take place between:

    • 27th April and 10th May for Secondary Schools
    • 4th May and 10th May for Primary Schools

    Bydd profion 2015 yn cael ei gynnal rhwng

    • 29ain o Ebrill a Dydd Mawrth y 12fed o Fai ar gyfer Ysgolion Uwchradd
    • 6ed o Fai a Dydd Mawrth y 12fed o Fai ar gyfer Ysgolion Cynradd

    Bydd profion 2016 yn cael ei gynnal rhwng

    • 27ain o Ebrill a’r 10fed o Fai ar gyfer Ysgolion Uwchradd
    • 4ydd o Fai a’r 10fed o Fai ar gyfer Ysgolion Cynradd

  • 07/11/2013




    A child should not be accepted at the beginning of a school session if it is obvious that he/she isn’t well and if a child develops symptoms of any infectious illness during a session.  Reasonable steps should be taken to avoid cross-infection.  In order to operate a responsible policy towards preventing the spread of infection, it is recommended that the following guidelines regarding exclusion periods are followed.

    Note that the LEA don’t recommend exclusion for pupils who are infested with headlice.  However, it is school policy to take reasonable steps to avoid cross-infection.  Therefore, when headlice are detected parents should be contacted and pupils sent home for treatment.  They should only return when there is no evidence of live lice on the child.

    Please find below guidance on exclusion periods for communicable diseases.

    Eye Infections

    Please do not send your child to school until the infection has cleared.

    Sickness and Diarrhoea

    Your child must not attend school for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

    Chicken Pox

    Your child must not attend school 6 days from the appearance of the rash or until spots have scabbed over.

    German Measles (Rubella)

    Your child must not attend school for 4 days from the appearance of the rash.


    Your child must not attend the school for 7 days from the appearance of the rash.


    Your child must not attend the school for 10 days or until the swelling has gone down.

    Whooping Cough

    Yourchild must not attend school until both the cough and whooping have ceased for 14 days.

    Skin Infection eg. Impetigo

    Medical advice needs to be sought and treatment given.  Where practical, the infection needs to be covered to avoid infection through contact.

    Slapped Cheek (Fifth) Disease

    • This is a viral illness that usually affects children, but can also affect adults.
    • Symptoms include fever, rash (the cheeks often have a bright red “slapped cheek” (appearance) and sometimes joint pains.
    • Transmission is from person to person by respiratory droplets.
    • The incubation period is usually between 13-18 days.
    • The infectious period is from 7 days before the onset of the rash.  Once the rash appears, a person is  no longer infectious.
    • Children who are immunocompromised or have certain types of anaemias can have more severe symptoms.
    • Occasionally Parvovirus can affect an unborn baby.  If a woman is exposed early in pregnancy (before 20 weeks) she should inform her GP and whoever is providing her antenatal care.


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